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left quotes We really appreciated that you (a) didn't just let us go along with our own (off track) profile book ideas because it was easier for you and (b) took time to explain in more detail (and so patiently) what we should be aiming for. Thank you for taking the time (at short notice) to keep us on track! -L & S, Illinois
You are so passionate about adoption, it made it exciting and heartwarming for us going through the adoption process. -J&V, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes Your client's profile book [that The Adoption Lantern crafted] shows amazingly well to birthmoms.  It has wonderful pictures and messages.  It is really attracting a lot of interest. -R G, Executive Director, Adoption Agency
The Adoption Lantern is the perfect name because you really were a beacon of light during our adoption process. -W & P, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes We are so happy to have adopted our daughter.  Let us know what we can do to help spread the word about the amazing work The Adoption Lantern is doing! -I & K, Illinois
I can't stop looking at [your client's] profile book. It's fabulous! -NG, Adoption Attorney and Fellow, American Academy of Adoption Attorneysleft quotes
left quotes You all at The Adoption Lantern are such a beacon of information! -L, Virginia
We knew right away that you were going to be on our side of the ring. Thanks for going the extra mile to help us with adoption! -H, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes Your webinar [on What Are Our Adoption Options] was a great overview of the options. Thanks! -KJ, Texas
May I say how helpful it was to have someone to bounce things off of during the adoption process.... we'd have been much more at sea otherwise. -O & R, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes I love [your client's] profile book. The pictures are super cute and the narrative is great! -LA, Adoption Agency Social Worker
Hi Mike, meet our new member of the family (picture)! Thank You! for your invaluable help along the way. We are ecstatic. -R & O, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes I love your clients' profile books! It is nice to see [them] sign their names at the end of the book. You would be surprised by how few other families actually do that. -L A, Adoptive Family Coordinator, Adoption Agency
We don't understand how anyone does this without your guidance.  Thanks again! -A&N, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes Thank you so much for all of your help and advice as I navigated through the adoption process. It was very helpful to talk to someone else who had been through it. Attached is a picture of our new family! -T, Georgia
During our adoption process, it seemed like no one cared if we adopted, except The Adoption Lantern. It was amazing to have you as our supporter during our adoption process. Thank you! -N & R, Wisconsinleft quotes
left quotes Your regular check up meetings and frequent emails really kept us on track for our adoption. A great project management approach! Thanks! -J & J, Illinois
We had been waiting a long time with our past agency with no results.  We really appreciate you taking the time to work with us. Thanks again! :) -P, Ohioleft quotes
left quotes Before talking to you, we waited with an agency for three years, paid over $30,000, and only have two disrupted adoptions to show for it. I wish that we had talked to you three years ago. -S & K, Illinois
I am very grateful for your advice. You really opened my eyes.  I really appreciate it! -K, Albertaleft quotes
left quotes You were a great help in getting us to envision the next steps in adoption.  We didn't know about all the adoption routes that were available to us until we talked to you. Thank you! -T & P, Illinois
Thank you for all the thoughtful guidance and advice! -R & N, Indianaleft quotes
left quotes Mike, The agencies I've spoken to before didn't seem like a good fit for me and started to turn me off of domestic adoption, but your plan has me revved back up. Thank you again! -L, Illinois
We appreciate all that you have done for us and will always pass on your information to anyone that is in need! -W, Ohioleft quotes
left quotes What you taught us up front and your tolerances questionnaire were so helpful. It gave us the confidence to talk to the adoption agencies and they knew we were prepared. -H&H, New York
Thanks for all your hard work helping me adopt! -A, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes Thank you so much for your good answers and advice. We were really encouraged by the conversations during our adoption process. -E, Illinois
[Your free consultation] probably saved us $375 that an agency would have charged us for the same service. -R & W, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes We think that one of the most impressive things was how organized you kept us during our adoption process. Adoption is complicated, but you made it easy. -Y & M, Illinois
Mike, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the profile book you put together for us!!!!!!!!!!!  :) -V & R, New Jerseyleft quotes
left quotes My profile book looks great, I'm really really happy how it turned out! Thank you! -W, Illinois
Thanks for helping us setup our path to adoption! -V&H, Indianaleft quotes
left quotes You've given us hope.  We're getting older and the prospect of a childless marriage was so hard for us.  Now, we believe we can have a family. Thank you so much! -N & G, Connecticut
Your passion for adoption clearly shows through and is inspiring! -HF, Illinoisleft quotes
left quotes Adoption is not an easy decision to get started on for most people, so working with you was a breath of fresh air. I really liked the agency referrals too. -S, Georgia
Children are the most important thing in my life.  I wanted to be proactive to understand my adoption options. Thanks for your help. -C, North Carolinaleft quotes

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