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The Adoption Lantern Adoptive Family Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Adoption Lantern?

We're adoption consultants that guide families and individuals to successfully adopt an infant.

How do you guide us through adoption?

We put together your profile book, provide a personalized listing of great adoption placement sources in safe states, give adoption advice and risk assessments 24x7, and provide several adoption education meetings.

How are you different than just signing up with an agency or attorney?

Our combination of services is rarely offered by other adoption professionals, making their adoption process slower and more costly for their families.

Most placement sources (there are over 4,000 in the U.S.) don't need adoptive parents - they need birthmoms. Therefore, wait times and costs at a traditional agency can be significant.

The Adoption Lantern gives you an advantage. We know which agencies need adoptive families and have quick average placement times. Also, we are frequently approached by agencies looking for eligible adoptive families, so you get the bonus of seeing adoption situations without paying an extra application fee.

Do we have to adopt from our home state?

No!  Adopting across state lines is called Interstate Adoption. Families that choose just one agency in their home state are often doing themselves a disservice. Wait times, adoptive family safety, and costs vary widely across states and agencies.

Are there states that are safer to adopt from?

Yes. Adoption law is primarily dictated at the state level, not the national level. Therefore, consent and revocation periods vary widely across states. All else being held equal, as adoptive families we prefer shorter consents and no revocation period. Also, the number of adoptive placements varies state-by-state, depending on economic, political, and adoption law-related factors. There are definitely better, safer states for prospective adoptive families.

An agency / attorney / facilitator's marketing materials look nice and the contact there sounds nice. Someone we know adopted there and loved them. Isn't this enough?

Unfortunately, no. A placement source that worked for one or two families can often have many other similar families with poor outcomes. The quality of a placement source can only be determined over time and by asking the right questions.

In addition to our relationships with placement sources, we've screened each placement source on nearly a hundred different factors. This greatly increases the likelihood of a successful, safe, and quick adoption with rational costs.

Will you recommend that we sign up with multiple agencies?

Yes!  It's much better to have your profile book being shown in multiple places instead of putting all your eggs in one placement source basket. Don't worry - most of the placement sources we point you towards have low up-front costs, allowing you to apply to several at the same time.

Do agencies and attorneys care if we work with multiple placement sources at the same time?

Many adoption agencies try to lock you (and your pocketbook) in, by requiring exorbitant up-front fees before being shown to birthmoms. Some even require that you sign a statement of exclusivity, agreeing to only work with them.

However, agencies and attorneys that truly care (like the ones we refer to) often tell us that they don't expect a prospective family to work just with them. With the reality that adoption is much more difficult than in the past, it's not fair to expect that a family only work with one placement source. Our placement sources care about you, and understand this.

If we sign up with you, do you offer only two meetings or is there ongoing support?

We are adoptive parents ourselves and care deeply about creating families for the people we work with. Therefore, we have numerous 'ad-hoc' conversations with families that have questions. We also frequently have Meeting 3, Meeting 3 ½, Meeting 4, etc. with families as needed. Our Standard and Full Service Packages come with 18 months of this support.

How long does it take families to adopt using The Adoption Lantern?

Most families that consistently stay on top of their adoption process are matched within a year with The Adoption Lantern.

Are there additional fees for things like extra meetings, phone call support, etc.?


Do you work with families all over the United States?

Yes, we have worked with families in a wide array of states. Occasionally, our travel schedules permit us to meet in-person with remote families. Most of the time, we use Skype or conference calls for remote families. If you are located within a few hours of our headquarters in the Chicagoland area, we greatly prefer in-person meetings for our first two 'official' meetings.

When during the adoption process is the best time to sign up with The Adoption Lantern?

We are your guide from the very beginning of the adoption process: advising on which adoption homestudy agency to use, taking you through our adoption education materials, and more. Therefore, we strongly recommend signing up with us before considering the adoption homestudy.

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